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In this modern age of technology, it’s not just businesses that run computers. Our daily lives are ever connected and “always on”. Our homes have become hotspots and communication hubs. There are plenty of companies that support business network administration and infrastructure and there are a number of “carry in” computer support facilities but it’s difficult to find good all-round support for your network at home or in your business.  That is where DynamIT has its focus.

DynamIT was originally established in 2017 and had a slow start, however in September 2020, in the heart of the global coronavirus pandemic, the owner decided to make a real push forward. With lots of hard work, dedication and long hours, he has laid the foundation to position DynamIT as an ICT and MSP provider for the consumer and SME market. Aiming to bring personalized services and solutions to its clients for a variety of different needs, DynamIT has signed up and partnered with some of the biggest distributors and manufacturers to ensure the highest quality products are available at competitive prices.

Whether you’re looking for help with your IT at home or you’re aiming to future proof your small or medium business with proactive IT solutions and maintenance services our goal is simple. We do IT so you don’t have to.